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My Services

Professional, Confidential Therapy, Unique to Each Individual

I have specialised training in therapeutic support for children, young people and families. 

I offer both long-term and short-term therapy and deliver phone/webcam/face-to-face appointments. The suitability of the desired method of delivery will be discussed during all assessments. Face-to-face appointments are held at The Park Counselling Centre, CV1 2LE.

I currently have availability for Tuesday and Thursday day time appointments. I can provide a note of attendance for the work place/school if requested.

I support varying issues, some of which are listed:

Anxiety, Bereavement, Behaviour, Depression, Family conflict, Identity, Loss, Personal development, Post-traumatic stress, Relationships, Self-esteem, Stress, Trauma, Work/school related issues

Young People's Counselling (5-24 years)

For many children and young people, counselling can be an unknown experience and so I often work with creative means e.g. toys, art work, outdoor objects, alongside the talking therapy, as the use of objects can increase a client’s comfort and ability to share within a session. They are also a fantastic tool in supporting the exploration of inner thoughts, feelings and beliefs to help with reflection towards personal growth. 

Adult Counselling

Individual counselling relates to the support for 25 years and above. Throughout our lives, we will have experiences that affect our ability to be our best selves. These sessions provide a safe and confidential space where you are able to focus on self-exploration and reflection to see what it is you need, to become who you wish to be.


Telephone enquiries




Structure of Support

Initial contact

Following receipt of your email of interest, I will contact you via email/phone call to provide an introduction to a basic overview of therapy and answer any questions you may have about me/my practice. Under 16's must be referred by a parent, care giver or external service provider.

Base Assessment  (approx. 45 mins)

An introduction to therapy- covering the boundaries and structure of the therapeutic agreement, including an explanation of times where confidentiality may be breached, will be explained to you along with your reasons for wanting to attend/wanting a child or young person to attend therapy. A counselling contract must be agreed before continuing with support.

On-going counselling work

50-minute sessions exploring thoughts, feelings, experiences and behaviours that may be influencing everyday life. Each session is confidential to allow free expression without judgement, to enable the therapeutic journey to take place. The length of therapy will be different for everyone so this will be discussed frequently.

All personal data and notes will be kept securely in line the legal GDPR guidelines.

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